About Jesse

I create visual effects for film & television, since 2002

(and other stuff before that)

On The Subject Of Me

Get to know me a little bit better

Versed in visual effects, my background includes working as a professional photographer, graphic artist, art director and motion graphics artist.

I have a won a few awards, including 2 nominations & one win for the Emmys, an Addy, an HPA award and a Telly. I have worked on 70+ movies and television shows at this point, mostly as a compositor although I supplement my comp work with CG as necessary (using Cinema4D).

Studio Equipment

Here’s what I use

Two i7 Macintoshes (one main, one render), 30TB fast RAID-5, 230-megabit internet, SFTP, Aspera and WebDAV as necessary. My software of choice is After Effects, but also have experience in Nuke, Cinema4D, SynthEyes, PFTrack, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

Desk Setup

I have a separate space for work and therefor secured for the privacy of my clients. I have been vetted to work on projects at home for Marvel, Disney and CBS to date. All data is encrypted, stored on a RAID-5 server (if locally sourced) otherwise I utilize a 230 megabit internet connection for access to all client files not physically located on-site.

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